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And I suppose that the funny thing is, color was never the cue in my immediate family because we had people in my immediate family of all colors, all hair textures, all complexions. My father in fact was even more fairskinned than I am, straight black hair - his father was a white rapist. But color was never the cue in my family. I mean sometimes there would be a little tiff, a little argument; you'd call one of my light skin sisters red that would get her all upset. She'd start crying through her freckles. Or you'd tell one of my dark skin sisters you're so black you'd leave fingerprints on coal. But it was all just in the family; it didn't have anything to do with this perverse color complex, which seems to infect the American psyche at every level.

I was reading a news item just the other day about this guy, Jimmy the Greek, sports broadcaster, on one of these television networks. And he was fired from his network position because allegedly he said that black people are intellectually inferior because we are athletically superior. But he did not say that. What he said was that black people, if given the chance, can do anything we want in this society, even play golf and tennis.
Positive black images are created through revolution.
But see America is programmed to read into every little thing, black inferiority, when really it's just a question of black superiority, which of course America's afraid of. And if white people in America truly and sincerely wanted to be superior all they have to do is get some black folks to enslave them for four hundred years, give them the worst housing, food, educational opportunities, health care and then the weak gene line would die out and a truly superior race of people would emerge. I'm not talking about what the Reverend Jesse Jackson has to say: I'm talking about what the reverend Huey P. Newton has to say.
And I do not expect the white media to create positive black male images. Positive black male images are created through revolution, and I thank you for saying that I have scared you - I take it as a compliment, cause anytime that a black man in America stands up against the slave mentality he's going to scare some white people and some black folks too. Just ask Paul Robeson.
Little Black Sambo I was a rebel. There was nothing I liked better than a good fistfight. I liked to bite people's ears off, choke up on my basketball coach. I didn't like the discipline, the authority. I didn't like the curriculum, the reading list, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. What am I gonna do with one dwarf, let alone seven? Nothing but kick them in they little ass. Little Black Sambo, every time they'd read Little Black Sambo in the class, all the black kids in the class would start laughing out of embarrassment or hide their face in shame. I hated Little Black Sambo.

Let's do an analysis of Little Black Sambo. Little black boy right? The only little black boy we ever read about in the public school system right? Now granted he's rich, he didn't fit into that poor black boy stereotype. He was rich. He was given all these presents from his daddy but he gets into a confrontation with these tigers and he gives up all the presents without a struggle. He's a little black coward and then at the end of the story all he wants to do is kick back, relax and eat some pancakes. He's a little black glutton.

One time they were reading that story in class, I got upset I took my shoe off and threw it at the instructor. She got upset, starts crying, runs out the classroom. I took my other shoe off, threw it, hit her upside the head with that one. Then all the kids in class start saying, oh Huey P. he used to go wee wee wee, but now he crazy, and I said cool cool, call me crazy, call me crazy, cause that's what they called my daddy back in Louisiana, crazy, crazy yellow nigger.

I suppose with my PHD they'd have to call me crazy doctor nigger.
Little Black Sambo
Little Black Sambo
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