shuffling through the papers
I used to have a lot of visions, dreams. Not Dr. King's dream; I had my own dream thank you very much. None of that we shall be overcome stuff. And when I had the dreams, I'd never write anything down so I'd forget the damn thing. So what I did was, I wrote a few things down, a little poetry I've been working on. Huey writes poetry? You're kidding. Wow. How sensitive of him; I thought he was just a black militant.

I enjoy expressing myself in the poetic form but I'm not a poet per se. I'm no Maya Angelou, but I could tell you why the caged bird sings. I am in fact currently working on my life story; it's going to be a film for Richard Pryor's Company. Richard Pryor's a good friend of mine, put me in rehab, financed the whole thing, said thisniggasmofuggedupthanIam.

But my deepest difficulty when I was a teenager, an adolescent growing up, my deepest difficulty was that I couldn't dance, I didn't have a developed sense of rhythm, I didn't fit into that racial stereotype. I was a little too shy, self conscious, and I wasn't doing all those dances they were doing back then - The Twist, the Afro Twist, the Peppermint Twist - no uh uh I'm not doing none of those twists. They'd say c'mon Huey let's do the Camel Walk. I'm not trying to walk like a camel, one hump or two humps. It's difficult enough trying to walk like a man in this society, let alone getting down on the floor and doing the gator. Wilson Pickett talking about he's got A Land of a Thousand Dances. I'm not doing one of 'em. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, na na na na na. Not one.

So the way I'd play it off at these house parties, these dance parties, the way I'd play it off was everybody would start dancing and I'd start reciting poetry, and you know that caused some fights. They'd be trying to bust my head, trying to bust a rhyme. But poetry was the way that I first got on to the educational track because I was very fortunate in that I had my brother Melvin. He's four years older than I am, a great scholar. He was in college when I was in high school. And Melvin, god bless him, recognized that I was having certain educational difficulties, and he used to bribe me, 25 cents, a quarter, if I could memorize certain passages from classical poems and plays. He used me as a human blackboard; he had me doing Ozimandias, Shelley, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Elliot, The Bells, The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe. He had me doing the Shakespeare and all that and I was pretty good at it cause I could hear something once or twice and memorize it in that fashion.

Roger delivers the goods on Huey

Always had a good memory; and I was always a good bluffer, bluff my way through an earthquake hurricane. But my secret technique for memorizing these verses from the poems and plays? My secret technique? I'd lock myself in a room late at night, get myself one of these long playing records where they had the verses recorded onto it from the poetry and the plays, stick the needle in the groove and just listen to these records over and over. I'd try and follow along in the book but I couldn't cause I couldn't really read but I could listen to these records and memorize it in that fashion.

the man - Vincent Price There was this one guy, I used to listen to him all night long, real spooky voice, what's the man's name? Came out in the Dr. Phibes, The House of Wax, my favorite one was the Theatre of Blood where he played a demented actor that took revenge on all the critics. Used to see him on the Johnny Carson Show, funny looking guy, little mustache, had the spooky voice on the Michael Jackson Thriller album. Vincent Price. Hello this is Vincent Price. I used to love Vincent Price. I'd stay up all night long, until the break of dawn listening to Vincent Price, then the next night I'd go to the house party, the dance party and everybody would start dancing and I'd start reciting, then everybody would start fighting.
One day I suddenly realized I had forgotten, name age sex address race, I had found myself
What is greater than love or hate, I will tell you then,
what is greater than love is the relationship I have with the tip of my finger.
breaking it down
Want me to break it down? I can break it down.
It's a simple concept.

If I define myself as my thumb, I deny myself my fingers.
If I define myself as my fingers, I deny myself my hand.
If I define myself as my hand, I deny myself my arm.
If I define myself as my arm, I deny myself my body.
If I define myself as my body, I deny myself my universe.
I diminish myself.
I do not know enough about myself, because you do not know
enough about yourself, would you help me know?
I met someone and he was a part of myself that I did not appreciate.
It is not that our ego is too large; the problem is that our ego is too small.
Love is more constant than light.
I heard god call, I got my gun and waited.
When he appeared, I realized and took the gun from my head.
By having no family I have inherited the family of humanity.
By having no possessions I have possessed all.
By rejecting the love of one I have received the love of all.
By surrendering my life to the revolution I have found eternal life.
Revolutionary suicide.
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